July 13, 2017


"They are actually really good"

The ONTA gorsun have only a price tag of $13.99, but do they actually work and worth it ? or are they just one of those cheap made plastic ?
Well first, when I received the email to review these headphones first thing us tech reviewers (well that what I do ) look at is the price tag of the product and decide if it worth the price, I first of course thought that it would be horrible sound quality until I actually recieved them and tested them with some music and oh the quality is unbeilevable, the only con I can say is that the earmufs are too small which you will feel a little pain after 5 hours of use. But if you are going to use them for watching a couple videos every now and then during the day and listen to music then I WILL HIGHLY RECEMEND picking these up.

Well, it kind of is. Wearing the Gorsun is not as delightful an experience as looking at them. Though padded, the headband puts substantial pressure on the top of my head, and the ear pads clamp tightly on each side. This doesn’t mean their fit is necessarily uncomfortable, as I’ve worn them for many hours without feeling unduly disturbed, but it does mean you’ll never forget you’re wearing them and is likely to prove fatiguing to many.

Also They have probably the best and most satisfying bass I’ve heard in a pair of portable headphones. Gorsun loves to emphasize bass, and elevate that habit to a new height. Like perfect jelly, the bass of these headphones wobbles like mad without losing its structural integrity. You’ll have heard terms like "bloated" and "flabby" used to describe bad bass, and in each case the problem is a lack of precision caused by poor vibration dampening, bad speaker design, or sloppy frequency tuning — and none of those issues are present with these headphones.

Lightweight foldable & adjust design,easy and convenient for carry. Super soft earmuff and headband that is more comfortable for long time wear.Environment TPE wire,durable tensile effectively reduce the external resistance. High 40mm energy drivers deliver powerful bass & clear treble comes with fashion colors,kids headphones Works with Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and other devices with a 3.5mm audio jack

Overall I found the headphones comfortable -- they fit snugly though not too snugly. However, during longer listening sessions I did have to make some small adjustments from time to time and give my ears a little air.

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