About Me

Othman Yacoubi

Hello, First I would like to take the time to thank you for taking time and visiting my website, If you are intrested on knowing more about me then feel free to contact me

About Me

My name is OTHMAN YACOUBI I am 18 years old, I have been revieweing the greatest and latest tech products on my social media for the past 5 years I somehow managed to get a total reach of over 24k and always working on getting more. If you are a company or a developer and you think you have a product, a service or application ; do not hesitate to contact me to request a review (video, text or photo) of your product using the form below. As well as if you are a fellow youtuber and looking to collaborate then please send me an email using the same form below.


Senior Network Administrator
Wireless Network Administrator
Network Support Help Desk Assistant
Computer Support Assistant
Information Technology Assistant
Network Support Services
Microsoft Office Specialist - Office Excel
Microsoft Office Specialist – Office Word
Microsoft Office Specialist – Office PowerPoint
Adobe Certified Associate – Adobe Photoshop
TestOut Certified Pc Pro
High School Diploma