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May 24, 2017

This is the
speaker you all have been waiting for !!

Actually it not just a speaker it more than that, this little tiny box pakes a great 5w speaker that is professionally tuned with the latest DSP technology. Alerts, yes it has Social Media Notifications on all popular social medias, tells you when someone is calling you, it has a built in mic so no need to hold your phone, and many more amazing futures I will cover most on a video review make sure to check it out below. (will be uploaded soon)

April 27, 2017

Is this the android smartwach we all
been waiting for??!!

The ASUS ZenWatch was one of the best looking Android Wear smartwatches to be released last year, bringing elegance and class to this category, while also being priced very competitively. We have seen quite a few different smartwatches since then, but ASUS is hoping to recapture some of the magic with a follow-up to the original Zenwatch, while managing to decrease its price point even further. Given the far more intense competition it faces, is ASUS’ latest smartwatch worthy of a place on your wrist? Find out in this video review.

May 2, 2017

Most Powerfull
power bank ever??!!

Product Features: 1. Scalable battery capacity 2. No waiting 3. Double sides power display 4. 3D touch check battery level 5. Easy mounting 6. USB plug protection design 7. Multi protect circuit 8. Lightweight and small size 9. Long life rechargeable battery cell 10. Panasonic battery cell used

June 27, 2017


Well since school is going to start soon (either you are in high school or in college this applies for both) I decided to find the best backpack for you for the best price #ibagbar offer this Amazing backpack for only $29.99 "WHATAATA?" This bag is water resistant and you can charge your phone on the go so you don't have to hold that giant power bank on your pocket you can have it connected to your bag and also you can take your laptop on this too (15" only). The quality built is amazing and feels nice, it offered in two main colors: grey and black I personnally prefered the grey one which is the one showed in the picture.